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RF Gateway software is an easy-to-install, seamless, real-time integration into the Baan or Infor LN system via radio frequency (RF) data terminals.

Immediate, online data validation and scannable bar coding capabilities will increase data accuracy, and the streamlining and consolidation of Baan or Infor LN business processes will greatly increase an operator’s productivity and efficiency.

The open system design provides maximum flexibility and allows the system to accommodate almost any brand of ANSI compatible RF equipment. The system’s three-tier, Windows NT architecture enables central control and offline data collection capabilities, while the “store-and-forward” functionality allows operators to continue working in the event of a network or system failure.

For an extra layer of security and reliability, the product also captures a history log of all processed transactions and system events that can be reviewed for data integrity and/or utilised by other applications for archiving or analysis purposes. In the case of data inaccuracy during “store-and-forward” mode, error correction utilities can easily be utilised to correct and re-submit the transactions.

Supported versions:

  • BaanIVc and above
  • Baan5c and above
  • Infor LN

Supported functions:

  • Receiving with Automatic Label Printing
  • Generate Inbound
  • Paperless Putaway
  • Paperless Picking
  • Production Issue
  • Production Order Completion with Automatic Barcode Label Printing
  • Inventory Adjustments
  • Inventory Transfers
  • Cycle Count Entive route to
  • Inventory Inquiries
  • Barcode Label Printing

NB new functions are constantly being added.

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