ARC’s core values


ARC Gateway is an honest, fair and equitable company to work with. We value integrity and foster relationships built on truth, trust and mutual respect.


We strive to be clear and transparent across all customer communications, particularly when it comes to pricing. Your bill will contain no hidden extras or nasty surprises.


We’re a personable and people-orientated team. You’ll find ARC easy to work with and from the very word ‘go’, we aim to build longstanding relationships with our customers – putting names to faces and ensuring you see the same ‘face’ more than once.


Taking its responsibilities seriously, ARC is a wholly professional and accountable business, working to industry best practice across all aspects of its services within a culture of continuous improvement.


All ARC consultants are Baan and LN specialists in their own right: qualified, experienced, with unrivalled understanding of the platforms, their capabilities and how best to leverage them to meet the ERP challenges of today’s manufacturers.


Help is only a phone call away and you’ll speak to a human (not a robot!) Approachable, responsive and proactive about customer care, we make it easy to access practical advice, expert guidance and technical support at the right level, whenever it’s needed.

Share our values? We’d love to work with you.

Please contact us to discuss your Baan or Infor LN support requirements.