Thinking of upgrading to Infor Barcode for Baan / Infor LN? We’ll support you

If you have purchased or are considering upgrading to Infor Barcode for Baan /ERP LN for enhanced shop floor data capture, ARC is well qualified to support you with everything from implementation to configuration.

How we can help

Our fully trained Infor Barcode experts have been providing Barcode hardware and software specifically for Baan since 1998 and from a single source, can assist with the three areas of hardware, software and Baan/ERP knowledge.


We can supply, advise or simply work with your preferred supplier to ensure the best hardware is specified, including scanners, terminals, printers and networking.


Our team has wide experience of mapping complex ERP functions to simple shopfloor tasks on small handhelds and managing the challenges and opportunities created.


Tying the whole project back to the ERP system (Baan or Infor LN) should never be underestimated. This is where ARC’s expertise really comes into its own.