Shaping your ERP software to meet the needs of your organisation

While the latest ERP systems include tools and programs that suit the needs of most manufacturing businesses, legacy system users may need customisation to support business growth and development.

ARC has wide experience in customising Baan and Infor LN products, building in organisational process, as required. Our skills lie in ‘future-proofing’ your business, bringing you up to speed with flexible technologies that underpin your competitive advantage.

We make it easy and cost-effective to extend your system to work the way you want it to, driving efficiencies and modifying processes to speed up response times, enhance accountability and reduce overheads.

Our customisation options include:

  • Forms
  • Reports
  • Menus
  • Minor session modifications

ARC’s customisation services are available for:

  • Triton 1.x
  • Triton 2.x
  • Triton 3.x
  • BaanIV
  • Baan5
  • Baan5.2
  • Infor LN